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Florida Music Festival Case Study

This year the Florida Music festival decided to use The Daily Hundred to drive traffic, built awareness and increase engagement. Florida Music Festival ran three contests where bands competed to get the most votes and win a mainstage performance at the event. Here are 3 of the most important results from the contests:

1. Fans chose their favorite local bands

Last month fans voted to see three of their favorite local bands take the main stage at the Wall Street Plaza venue. This is the first time in FMF history that Axis Magazine let fans choose performers. This year, bands were able to submit themselves for a chance to perform at the festival. The top three bands with the most votes will be taking the stage at the end of April.

2. Florida Music Festival partnered with The Daily Hundred to generate buzz

In order to help generate buzz and the most votes possible the Florida Music Festival partnered with new and locally created app, The Daily Hundred. The app has helped bring in over 85,000 views to Axis, this is most March traffic for the event in their 12 year history. Florida Music Festival’s Co-owner Sean Perry described the campaign as, “incredibly effective, it made our jobs of giving the slots to the most deserving bands easy”. “The Florida Music Festival campaign went brilliantly and really shows the power of our app to amplify and hype an event across social media”, said Nick Haase founder of The Daily Hundred.

3. More ticket sales this year than ever

The 2014 FMF is expected to be the largest yet. According to FMF Co-Owner Rick Wheeler, “ticket sales are up 20% compared to March sales in previous years and social media conversations have increased over 3000%.” Over 25,000 music goers are expected to attend the festival happening April 24th-26th. Bands will be performing over three days in Orlando venues.

The Daily Hundred iPhone App is Live!

We have some great news for all of our amazing fans…we have been approved by Apple and our App is now live in the App Store! After 6 months of non stop work and 15 days waiting to hear from Apple, we finally hit this major milestone. While The Daily Hundred team is ecstatic to have hit this milestone, we are not taking a break as we are already hard at work on Version 1.1 of our iPhone App. We have also begun developing our Android and Mobile Apps with the intention of rewarding every loyal customer in the world, not just those with an iPhone.

While we have big plans to bring The Daily Hundred to every city and every platform, we have to start somewhere. So starting on August 20th, we are launching our first contest in Gainesville, Florida. The challenges you see until then are examples that you can practice with so that you will be ready for the real deal. Tell all your friends to download the app so they can vote for you starting Monday! If you do not live in Gainesville you can still participate in Daily Hundred contests that are running in this test market. Once you have created an account and requested your city for future inclusion, set Gainesville as your home city (as shown in screenshots below) and you will be able to:

• View active contests
• Vote for your favorite photos within each contest
• Share your favorite photos on Twitter and Facebook

As soon as we add your city and begin running contests, you will be able to submit photos and be eligible to win $100! As an early user of The Daily Hundred and one of the first users to request a city, you will recieve special prizes once we enter your market. We truly appreciate your support and can’t wait to help you win $100!

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